Iguassu Falls Brazil Experience tour, Foz do Iguassu tour
From USD 56.00
Iguassu Falls Brazil Experience
from 5 reviews
Length: 4 hours

Potamophobia is the fear of running water. Here's hoping you don't suffer from this strange phobia because this Iguassu Falls tour features lots of running water in high definition 3D, with surround sound! You'll see and feel the fury of the falls from many vantage points, so bring your wet weather gear (a flimsy plastic poncho won't cut it)!

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Iguassu Falls Argentina Experience tour, Foz do Iguassu tour
From USD 78.00
Iguassu Falls Argentina Experience
from 13 reviews
Length: 6 hours

If you're working the Iguassu Falls circuit, then why not hit up the Argentine side of the falls with us? You'll get to see it from different points.

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Total Iguassu Falls tour, Foz do Iguassu tour
From USD 105.00
Total Iguassu Falls Tour: Brazil & Argentina
from 12 reviews
Length: 10 hours

Take a full day to contemplate the nature and wonders of Iguassu National Park from every angle! View the falls from both Argentina and Brazil and get the total Iguassu experience. Once you’ve seen both sides of the falls, you’ll realise how epic they really are, and how awesome Mother Nature really is! This tour combines our two versions of Iguassu Falls, so you don't have to pick which side to see.

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